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    Q Is it true that with lengthening surgery the rest length is the same
    A There is a small increase in erect length, usually around 1cm or even less. Therefore most urologist will say that there is no increase in erect length. Men who want lenghtneign surgery do so because they feel that their penis is small when flaccid. They get embarrassed in the changing rooms at the gym for example.

    Q, how long does the surgery take ?
    A. Penis lengthening and girth surgery usually takes around one hour

    Q. Can I have penis enlargement under local anaesthetic
    A. It could be performed under local anaesthetic but it might be quite uncomfortable. Our Urologists prefer a general anaesthetic as this makes sure that the patient will feel no pain. Also, the procedure is squire short and therefore most patients can return home on the same day

    Q. How long do I need off work ?
    A. If your job is quite sedentary then two or three days should be fine, try not to drive for a few days though and avoid gym or sports for four to six weeks. You may be able to do some upper body exercise after two weeks with the go ahead from your surgeon

    Q. When can I have sex again?
    A. If you have had lengthening surgery then it would be best not to have sex for six weeks. If you have just had the girth increased with fat transfer then four weeks should be enough.

    Q. Which HA is best for penis filling
    A. A number of different fillers have been used to thicken the penis across the world. In the Uk the most common hyaluronic acid used is perhaps juvederm voluma. Of the natural collagen stimulators ( which are increasing in popularity) Ellanse would be the most requested.

    Q. How big can you get length ?
    A. The length in the flaccid state can be increased by up to two inches. Further length gains are possible with the use of an extender after the surgery.

    Q. Can I have more than one fat procedure if I want it bigger ?
    A. Yes, it is possible to have a fat top up to maximise girth. It is best to wait about three months before having a second procedure.

    Q. Can I still pee after the op
    A. Yes you can still urinate in the same way, this is not affected at all. If you experience difficulty in urinating then you should inform the doctor immediately.

    Q. What happens if I have sex before the six weeks ?
    A. You risk infection and also moving some of the fat that has been transplanted. The fat could accumulate at the base and this may require further treatment. There is a small cut for the lengthening at the base of the pubis and this needs time to heal.

    Q. Can I have fat in the glans ?
    A. Our surgeons do not put fat in the glans as it does not work as well as fat in the shaft. The glans can be increased in size with hyaluronic acid fillers. These have to be repeated about once a year.

    Q. I have got fat in the pubic area, can you take that for the girth ?
    A. Yes. We get lots of requests for this. By removing excess pubic fat the penis looks less buried and can appear longer.

    Q. I want a circumcision at the same time, can you do that ?
    A. Yes we can do a circumcision at the same time. Thee is a slight advantage here because it avoids the risk of fat accumulation at the tip which in turn makes the foreskin tight.

    Q. Can she still give me oral sex ?
    A. Yes sex is not off limits after surgery !. But remember not to engage in any sex until the surgery has healed. In most cases this is six weeks. If you have sex too soon you will compromise the results.

    Q. Can I still ejaculate after penis enlargement surgery ?
    A. Yes, you can still ejaculate if you could do so before the surgery.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to comment below.

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