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    Q. Will she know I have had it done ?
    A. Not really unless you tell her. You have to pump the scrotum of course to get the erection going so she may wonder what you are doing !
    However if you have the erection ready then it’s unlike.y that she will.
    Many men have reported that their sexual partners had not realised they had an implant. With a malleable implant she may know because essentially your penis will always be erect and it’s not so natural when you are not aroused.

    Q, how long should I take off work ?
    A. Depending on the type of work that you do, you may need one to two week off work

    Q. Can I still ejaculate ?
    A. If you could before then you should still be able to

    Q. Is it right that one you have had an implant you can’t go back to natural erections ?
    A. Yes, that’s why you honk carefully before deciding on an implant. For most patients it’s the last line of defence when other treatments have failed or dont work anymore.

    Q. Why are implants so expensive ?
    A. Penile implants are expensive because the implant itself is a very expensive device to buy. Also, the implant has to be put in place under general anaesthetic and in a hospital. These all add cost to the procedure. It’s also important that you choose an experienced urologist for the procedure itself.

    Q. Do implants last for life ?
    A. Many implants have been in place for years and are working perfectly fine. Most implant manufacturers give a warranty on their device.
    Parts can wear out however just like any other device.

    Q. Implants are available in the nhs. Why should I have it done private ?
    A. This is purely a personal choice. Some men li,be to be able to choose both their surgeon and when exactly they have it done.

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