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    We have learned from our patients that it is not about achieving a set goal of inches, but about getting to a place where you can feel confident and comfortable with your penis size through penis enlargement surgery. This could be five, six, seven or more inches, in truth, it doesn’t really matter. It’s about a size that makes you feel great about yourself.

    Share your experience with penis enlargement below, do you feel more confident?

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    Following my penis enlargement, I feel completely different and I said this at the post-op check up. I used to be so self-conscious and thought everyone would know I had a small penis (even though they obviously didn’t). I never used to want to see girls or go on dates etc because then they would find out I had a small penis and probably wouldn’t want me. I struggled alot with this, and then when I had the surgery everything changed. I felt confident in all situations, I even started performing better at my job because I felt adequate and now I’ve had a promotion. This surgery genuinely changed my life.

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    Me too, I’d have the constant fear of being judged when around girls I liked. It was awful, but since my surgery I’ve no longer felt like this. I’m a new man!

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