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    If you intend on joining the discussion, it is crucial that you read this thread and comply to these rules. Moderator’s have the power to ban anyone they find not adhering to these rules, so we encourage people to use this platform as a community space.


    These rules may change overtime, so it is suggested that you keep an up-to-date idea of them.


    1. Respect everyone’s privacy. Some people may not want to be as open or forthcoming with information as you, this is ok. Everyone has a right to anonymity, so don’t push to find information.
    2. Communication must be respectful and inoffensive at all times. If anyone is found to be using insults, offensive/inappropriate language or general snide remarks the individual is subject to warning, and possibly suspension. Any repeated offences or violations of the rules will proceed with a ban from the forum. This includes explicit references to sexual acts or anything that could be deemed as pornographic material.
    3. We will allow individuals to express their opinion about any negative experience they may have in the field. However, we will not tolerate any comment that is deemed as slander or malicious towards a member of the forum, a doctor/surgeon within this field or company.
    4. Threads and posts/comments that are deemed to be irrelevant and unrelated will be removed without notice. This includes any topics where the general theme is of a political or religious nature.
    5. We encourage individuals to upload progress and before/after photographs. These should remain within the forum and not be distributed by another individual to outside the forum. These photographs should not be depicting any scenes of sexual/pornographic nature, or content that could be deemed as offensive.
    6. Any reference made to methods of penis enlargement or penis surgery that will not be administered by a doctor or surgeon are forbidden, and individuals who violate this rule will be given a warning with the potential for a ban on their account.
    7. This forum should be a place of community first and foremost. Any individual found to be victimising or insulting another person will be banned from using this forum.  


    The Moorgate Forum Administrator reserves the right to enforce forum rules by discretion.

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